My art practice continues to grow out of a desire to express my personal history, experiences and relationships, through a prolonged engagement with place and a process that emphasizes structured improvisation with those I photograph. As an image-maker who is primarily interested in storytelling, I create through a variety of conceptual and formal approaches, including: straight photography, tableaus and documentary and narrative film projects. I primarily engage with my audience through rich, open-ended narrative imagery, which subverts ritualized expressions of masculinity.

Themes of passive, fruitless searching and ambiguous hiding run through recent pieces as conceptual threads. I stage photographs, activating landscapes that are already known to me, through the introduction of people, found and homemade props, lighting and cinematic methods of composition. Employing a visual language and iconography informed by my own memories, cultural mythology, and depictions of masculine identity through cinema, literature and art history, I often repurpose methods utilized by hunting and military culture, converting otherwise weaponized techniques into benign aesthetic devices.

Throughout the work, the landscape becomes a character within my narratives and is used as both stage and medium for communication. As the photographs often represent the moment before a significant event, as well as subtle shifts in power between individuals, I intend to promote feelings of anxiety and anticipation in the viewer. Thus, prompting them to question the nature of the character’s activities, as well as their connection to one another and the landscape. To this end, my narratives have an ambiguity regarding relationships, events, and places, which are also subject to interpretation.


In addition to being the 2008 Photographer Laureate for the city of Tampa, FL, I have exhibited at notable venues in the United States and abroad, including Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami FL, Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta GA, Balzer Art Projects in Basel Switzerland and Giampietro Gallery in New Haven CT.

I received my BFA from the University of Florida in Creative Photography and MFA from the University of South Florida. I am currently an Assistant Professor and Photography Area Coordinator in the Art Department at Southern Connecticut State University. My work is represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami, FL.